Better men make a better World!
Be a Gentleman!'

Exclusive events over the world

We provide our members with an interesting mix of events, ranging from relaxed intimate cocktails to glamorous weekend events . Find below a brief overview of recent events.

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We partner with many great brands so you can enjoy life just a little more. Our member privileges include discounts, status upgrades, VIP treatments and many more!

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No matter where you are in the world, you can access our community through our website or on the go with our iOS and Android apps. We are proud to have a fantastic in-house development team that works round the clock to improve your user experience.

Preparing to Become a Gentlemen's Club Member

  1. Be gentle.
  2. Have a sound reputation, and be well-recommended by your peers.
  3. Be over the age of 18 years.
  4. Be interested in character building and morality. The Gentlemen motto is "Better men make a better World."
  5. Gentlemen's Club stresses honor, personal responsibility and personal integrity, and offers the following to its members:
    • Monthly or bi-monthly events with privilege and senior members, which are often in public places (partners).
    • Teachings on the history of manners etc.
    • Encouragement to live for the good of all mankind, and ideas for practicing good citizenship and acting with charity and love.
    • Members Application IOS + Android.
    • Card Discount to Gentlemen's Club Partners.
    • Support Certificate
    • GTM Bracelet

How to become a member

To join, we require an invitation from an existing member or an application approved by our membership committee.

Why is there a membership fee? Curating and maintaining our unique community requires resources. Our annual membership fee ensures that we can provide you with high quality service and fantastic privileges.