Gentlemen`s Club Membership Application

Membership at Gentlemen`s Club requires an invitation from an existing member or a membership application approved by our international committee of trustees.
Please complete your application below to be considered for membership.

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    GTM is the inspirational and motivational social club

    that keeps you motivated, driven, and helps you connect with other like minded people

    Alexandru Bolog - member since 2012

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    "Thank you for coming out to join GTM, sharing your stories, passing on your knowledge, daring to take risks, challenging yourself to do more, striving to become better. Our members are awesome."

    Ruggero Sbarra - member since 2010

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    "Now this is really beautiful work. I love this design of GTM APP and is the best I’ve seen. I absolutely love it. Great work and good luck."

    Dragos Badea - member since 2013

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    ""I want to say that this club makes for a very welcoming relaxed evening with a no pressure welcome from the moment you walk in the door. Cornel made us feel very welcome and took the time to introduce us to many people we can now call our friends. So glad we had the opportunity to attend their parties and look forward to the next gathering."

    George Bakapanos - member since 2013

The application for Gentlemen's Club is motivated exclusively on adherence to the principles of the club, the desire to promote in public the life values in which members of the Gentlemen's Club believe: an impeccable presence, education, respect for fellow citizens and own family, equality of opportunity. I have read the GTM Statute, Rules of Application of the Statute, the Code Conduct and agree with all their provisions. It would be my duty, by becoming a member GTM,to morally and finacially support to the club, to the extent possible, in order to achieve the goals which it proposes, without conditioning this allegation in order to obtain favoring benefits. My personal and contact data correspond to reality and can be used to receive informative materials promoted by the CLUB or notifications about various actions. I am not in situations of rehabilitation and have no criminal record.